• Crate - GET A CRATE BEFORE you bring the dog home. One, it will be cheaper to buy a crate online, and two, you will need the crate when you inevitably need to go get something and leave your new doggo at home. Introduce the idea of the crate as a safe and comfortable space they can recharge in. Once the dog views the crate as a solitary confinement prison cell, you will be fighting to get the dog to go in it every time, and the dog will also wonder what they did wrong to get punished every time you want him/her to go in the crate. One way to properly introduce it would be to give all treats only when they have placed themselves in the crate. I will cover how to crate train in a future training article. - Subscribe to our e-mail list at the bottom of the website to be notified of it!
  • Poop bags - Do NOT leave your dog poop where they don't belong, especially on a trail. Nobody wants to step in dog poop. It is one of the main reasons dogs get banned from trails and parks, other than for natural preservation. These bags come with a holder you can clip on the leash so you will always have them. I leave extra bags everywhere like in my car, backpack, doggie backpack, house, etc. - just in case.
  • Hair remover/ roller - You will start finding dog hair everywhere. Seriously. Everywhere. How did the dog hair get in the microwave? Nobody knows. It's dog sorcery. This should help.
  • Stain & Odor remover - You will probably need one of these pretty quickly after getting a new dog. Good luck...
  • Training treats/ rewards - The training treats are lower in calories and typically small. You can also just use kibbles for basic training. However, dogs decide the hierarchy of treats/ rewards. They might not "roll over" in the middle of play for kibbles, but they might for some chicken bits. Some dogs (like Echo) rank the tennis ball a higher reward than any food, so it's all about spending some time and getting to know your unique and special dog.
  • Treat pouch/ pack  - You want your hands free while training. This is where our awesome fanny packs come in handy! They are big enough to hold treats, poop bags, a phone, and a wallet for dog outings, all without having to wear pants that hold belts.
dog fanny pack treat bag
  • Clicker - It is a positive reinforcement tool that lets our dogs know immediately what they just did was good! When we only reward with treats, especially with more complicated tasks, it can be confusing for dogs to know what they are exactly doing right or wrong. Each click should be followed with a reward. I will be doing a clicker training article in the future. Subscribe to our announcements at the bottom of the website to be notified of the new articles!
    • Any clicker like this should do fine, unless you want to spend way more money than you should on dogs, which is why I'm broke.
  • Door bell - You can get this kind of bell that hangs near the door for the dog to ring to signal potty time, but any kind (even the bear bells) works if you already have them. If you decide to go this route, be very consistent with the association of the bells with the bathroom time. If you let your dog use the bells as playtime outside or attention, that bell won't stop ringing.
  • Optional
    • Potty Pads - Some people are against these because they are concerned about their dogs making a habit of doing their business inside, but everyone's situation and dog is unique, so use it as how you see fit. I personally have not used them with any of my dogs.
  • Check out "WHAT TO GET WHEN GETTING A NEW DOG" for the full list of important articles for your new dog's health and happiness!


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