About Us


     Black Echo Company is a community of responsible and active dog owners who took dogs as part of our lives, not as permanent prisoners. We hike, work out, take pictures, train, and do almost everything with our dogs. We are proud to have this community where we all belong and lead by example within the dog community, and we believe that is one of the reasons we have an INCREDIBLY HIGH rate of returning customers. We are so grateful and pride to have an amazing community of customers who share the same interest as us, and we try our ABSOLUTE BEST to keep the relationship with the customers and provide amazing products. Thank you very much for the overwhelming support, and we hope to go on to do amazing things for dog shelters and people who protect us. Please feel free to connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok, all at @BlackEchoCompany :) If you prefer e-mail, you can connect with us at echo@blackechocompany.com