• Food – Start simple. Ask the adoption agency what food your dog has been eating. Most organizations will be happy to give you a small bag to help you transition (more on that below), so just ask. If you are getting a puppy, make sure to get food made for puppies - this is important because it has additional nutrients and fats that help puppies grow.
    • If you are switching to new food, start by mixing a small amount into the food they are used to (while keeping the total portion the same), gradually putting more of the new food over 5-7 days. A gradual transition could save you from poop on your carpet and having to replace the entire carpet (cough Echo cough).
  • Food and Water Bowls - I use this “slow feeder”. It prevents dogs from inhaling their food, which could lead to digestion and bloat issues. It also helps taller dogs to have a raised platform so they don’t have to crouch to eat. Think eating pizza from the floor vs. from a coffee table.
      • Treats & Chews - Not all treats and chews, even the ones from well-known companies, are good for our dogs. Whatever you can find around you, look it up before purchasing.
        • I use BullyMake boxes, which come with treat toys, chew toys, and various other treats. I still go and buy treats whenever I see them at Costco, but it’s nice to have a steady supply of good treats. Try one box, and you can space them out depending how fast the doggo goes through a box, or just cancel if it's not your thing.
      dog treat training
        • Vitamins/ Supplements/ Medication - As recommended by vet/ adoption agency. Wherever you get your doggo from should give you a list if your dog needs specific medications, if not, ask. Do NOT feed your dogs human vitamins/ supplements unless your vet clears it.
          • Food Storage & Scoop - Get something like this but also check TJMaxx or other discount stores. They sell dog supplies at discounted prices, although I do not buy any food or treat from them. The most important feature is to block out moisture, which helps keep the food fresher and also reduces the dog food smell in the house.
          • Check out "WHAT TO GET WHEN GETTING A NEW DOG" for the full list of important articles for your new dog's health and happiness!


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