Here is the thing. We all know why we love Black Echo Company, but we understand why a potential new member discovering us on the internet would be suspicious. After all, it's the big scary internet, right? and for good reasons. Some of us (yes, including me, multiple times) have been burnt by shady people. So leaving reviews can help our community TREMENDOUSLY when our potential new members approach with the well-earned (frankly, just street smart) doubts, and provide safety and peace of mind. Of course, after having dealt with us, those doubts would vanish, but it's always those first steps, right? Anyway, thank you so much for leaving these reviews, and also on our Facebook page (also helps so much!). Feel free to contact us with any concern or question :)

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Great medium warmth sweatshirt. True to size, soft on the inside, and washes well without fading. <3

The best quality

We own every t shirt design from echo company. As well as a couple sweatshirts. The print is awesome it holds up for years without fading. Great quality material also.

BEC Tapered Joggers
Christian Chetelat
Best Joggers Ever

These are legit the most comfy Joggers I have ever worn. Usually I stray away from Joggers because they are either too loose or way to tight and these hit that perfect spot right in the middle.Even in the XL size they are not to baggy and hang on the hips and body just right. I would recommend these to 10 out of 10 people and they look cool with your dog trainer CROCS too.

Great Harness

Getting this harness on my dog is so easy. With four buckles, the front two buckles are left engaged, then it goes over her head leaving the back buckles ready to be locked, all without having to lift her leg up to get it through an opening. That method made her cringe. This harness is definitely an improvement from her old one.
I also like the fact that there are plenty of areas to place her patches.
The handle gives me extra security if she needs to be pulled away from an unexpected situation from a loose dog without pulling on her training collar.
Thanks for making it affordable too.

Social Distancing T-shirt

Dog Dad Beanie

Absolutely love it! It’s well put together & very very warm! Would recommend

Best leash ever!

Amazing leashes! So so excited to use these!

It just works!

Finally after years people are NOT touching my service dog! THANK YOU!

Dog Mom Baseball Hat
Brooke Sopher
Comfy hat and matches the dog hair

Great hat for for all your basic dog mom needs.

Love these

My new favorite sweats!

BEC K9 Silicon Bracelets

Love it!

So comfortable! I bought this to wear while training my dog in the cooler weather and its perfect. The material is warm but also breathable and the logo is so cool. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it!

Love it!!

I put it on my dog's crate and everyone is asking where i got it

Best Excuse Shirt

This shirt is so comfortable, and I get lots of hysterical comments on it πŸ˜‚

BEC Tapered Joggers
Kadierose Orris
Not my first pair and not my last!

Love these Joggers! I wear them day in and day out! Super comfortable and stretchy!

Black Echo T-Shirt

I absolutely love my "Good Dog" t-shirt from Black Echo. The quality is excellent, with a great fit and very comfy material. Also fantastic customer service from the company. The shirt took a little bit longer to process than another item I had ordered, so they sent the item that was ready ahead of time as well as some awesome stickers as a thank you. Definitely a great company to order from and support.

Mike B.
BA shirt

Love the pew and paw shirt! A great mix of two of the things I love. Fast shipping, nice added note, and nice feeling shirt. Will order from again.

BEC Battle Tug
Maggie Dixon

BEC Battle Tug

Love it! Great high quality, breathable material, and I love the design!

K9 Handler T-Shirt
Haleigh Krause
K9 Handler T-Shirt

love this shirt! it fits so good and is so soft, really good quality! again, will always be ordering more from BEC!


I love the quality of the shirts, super comfy and the catch phrase is just super relevant with what's going on right now. Love it!


This is my new favorite hoodie! It is so soft and comfortable and I absolutely love the cropped style!

Send It Long Sleeve

LOVE these products. 100% will continue to order and support BEC all the way!

Absolutely love the patch! I have even gotten several compliments already! I love this company and the handwritten note on the back of the sticker was so sweet.

BEC Battle Tug
Kat Jubin

The t-shirt is super comfortable and breathable! The tug is assisting in building Sam's drive, and her focused heel!