Black Echo Company Representative/ Affiliate Program

black echo company dog trainer
Photograph by IG @hellashepherds ' Taylor




     First off, thank you for the amazing support. The fact that you are here reading this tells us that you believe in what we stand for, and that you want to join our tight pack to do AMAZING things together. With that said, we do not believe in those scammy, bot-generated rep programs that are unfortunately clogging social media, resulting in everyone else with actual content being punished. Our reps are genuinely good and positive people who share our passion and love for dogs and the positive message to improve ourselves every day; the ones who love and live our products just like many, many other customers who choose to go with us every time.

     This is the reason we only choose our reps from our existing customers. The reps are chosen from existing customers who loved the products so much that they referred others and provided quality pictures and reviews. We do not pick reps who have not dealt with our products because how could someone "rep" our product when they haven't even touched what we offer? This seems very disingenuous, and we refuse to participate in these scammy "marketing" strategies. 

     There is a limited number of rep spots open, and we take pride in taking care of each other within our little pack. We are not going for the massive numbers or expansion. We like dealing with people like you, and we want more like you, not just random people. There is a reason we have an INCREDIBLY high rate of repeat customers who are happy to come to us with all their needs, even when it’s something we don’t even offer at the time. 

     We love to share and spread, as the goal here is to grow TOGETHER and benefit each other. If you have interacted with our reps before getting here, you probably noticed that we vary greatly when it comes to the number of “followers”, occupation, or background. We are FULLY aware that the social media following isn’t everything. In fact, a lot of us gained the following by being our reps and growing together. We care more about how genuine and passionate you are about our mission, and how much you enjoy our products. We will take a genuine person with 200 likes over some fake “influencer” all day. We have dog photographers, police officers, K-9 handlers, dog trainers, and people who are simply in love with our company. 

     As a part of our family, the most active reps are often first in line for other opportunities such as a giveaway donation, sponsored events, etc. Feel free to let Damon know of any suggestion, input, or even just life things you are going through. We are here to help each other and encourage each other to stay positive and motivated in life. Welcome to BECPack. Can't wait to achieve great things together :)